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why is science so important?

It saves lives, connects us with our natural world and helps us build a brighter future. In fact, science is the key to solving some of our planet’s biggest challenges!

Here at Hungry Tomato, we believe that every child has the potential to change the world with science. That’s why we created The Big Questions Answered – a series of non-fiction narrative books aimed to spark an interest in science and inspire the next generation of problem solvers!

The Big Questions Answered is more than just a collectable series of books; it’s a complete resource making the stories behind the greatest discoveries accessible and engaging for curious young minds. Plus, we offer a treasure trove of educator’s resources and fun extra material for kids to get lost in science.











At Hungry Tomato, we understand that not all children are natural bookworms. That’s why we take pride in crafting non-fiction books that are visually captivating, informative and, first and foremost, fun! We believe that the natural curiosity of children should be fed with engaging narratives and topics that excite young imaginations.


We’re based all the way down in Cornwall, a small county at the tip of the UK! Surrounded by a legacy of artists, writers, and storytellers who have been captivated with the magic of our coastal county, we’re constantly reminded of the power of creativity, and are proud to work and operate in Cornwall.

Based in cornwall


Denis Alonso  

Denis Alonso.jpeg

Denis Alonso began his career as a designer working on advertising agencies, he worked on a variety of projects, from games, animation, to even luxury pen design. His passion for illustration led him to pursue a career as a freelancer illustrator, working on a number of children’s books. Denis lives with his family in Brazil where he spends his free time cooking or playing with his daughter and wife.

Daniel Limon 


Daniel Limon is an Illustrator based in a village near Barcelona. He graduated from the school of Arts Llotja, specializing in Illustration. After that he was working in the videogame industry on Pyrostudios and Ubisoft as a graphist and character/environment designer. He is passionate about children's books, comics and learning books and is so happy with his job!

Valeria Abatzoglu 


Born in Rome to an Italian mother and Greek father, Valeria Abatzoglu spent her childhood in Greece. Now living and working back in Rome, Valeria's path began with a degree in architecture and working as an interior designer. However, a true passion for illustration ultimately led her to pursue this artistic calling. Valeria utilizes both digital and traditional techniques in her illustrations.

Lays Bittencourt  

BQA Lays photo2.jpg

Meet Lays Bittencourt, a Brazilian illustrator with experience in bringing a playful touch to her illustrations, having added life to over 20 books. Currently based in Europe, Lays' art reflects a blend of her Brazilian roots and inspiration from her European surroundings. Her drawings are like little journeys into worlds where imagination reigns. Whether it's a children's book or a more grown-up tale, Lays invites readers on a visual adventure. With warmth, charm, and a touch of cultural fusion, Lays Bittencourt's illustrations have universal appeal, resonating with readers worldwide.

Verónika Chaves Morales  

Verónika Cháves Morales (1).jpg

Bogotá-born illustrator Verónika’s work is known for its vibrant colors, captivating characters, and detailed scenes filled with curious objects and hidden stories waiting to be discovered. As a child Verónika loved singing, racing cars, and joined band to channel her love for rock music! Studying film and photography, her love for books and art ultimately led her to self-taught illustration, For years, she’s honed her craft, developing a unique storytelling style.

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