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Is There Alien Life in Outer Space


It’s a big question – will we ever live on the moon? The moon is incredible, as are the selenologists who study it! The moon might be distant and barren now, but imagine one day calling it home! Check out…

- The challenges of building a space base
- How the moon could be a stepping stone to Mars
- What’s so special about the moon

...and so much more! Reading the incredible stories behind dendrology, kids will be eager to find out the answer to... will we ever live on the Moon? Beautifully bound with stunning illustrations, this book is guaranteed to become a bookshelf favourite.

Discover more about selenologists

Find out what these scientists do, the amazing things they’ve discovered, and what it takes to become a Moon expert!

More than just a book

The Big Questions Answered is more than just a series of books; it is a complete resource. Accompanying each book is a host of free downloadable material to inspire and engage curious kids, and show them what adventurous opportunities are out there.

Young Selenologists’ Activity Pack

Teachers’ & Parents’ Resources Pack

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