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Can Predicting the Weather save lives?


It’s a big question – can predicting the weather save lives? The weather can be extreme, but thanks to meteorologists, we’re able to prepare for all kinds of threats! Hurricanes, cyclones, floods, blizzards – there are so many types of extreme weather, so can knowing what’s coming next really save lives? Check out…

- One of the most challenging storms in history - Hurricane Katrina
- How meteorologists keep us safe every day
- The machines up in space predicting extreme weather
- How climate change leads to wilder weather!

...and so much more! Beautifully bound with stunning illustrations, The Big Questions Answered </em>is more than just a series of books - it’s a complete resource for kids, teachers and parents to collect! Start a lifelong interest in science - it can change the world!

What do meteorologists do?

Meteorologists study weather patterns and the atmosphere to understand and predict the weather. Meteorologists are interested in knowing as much about the weather as they can!

More than just a book

The Big Questions Answered is more than just a series of books; it is a complete resource. Accompanying each book is a host of free downloadable material to inspire and engage curious kids, and show them what adventurous opportunities are out there.

Young Meteorologists’ Activity Pack

Teachers’ & Parents’ Resources Pack

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