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Are Bees Nature's tiny Heroes?


It’s a big question – are bees’ nature’s tiny heroes? Bees are incredible, as are the melittologists who study them! Bees may seem small, but they make a huge impact on our natural world! Check out…

- The worker bees making wax out of honey
- What our world would look like without our busy bees
- How teamwork and communication mean habitats can flourish

...and so much more! Beautifully bound with stunning illustrations, The Big Questions Answered is more than just a series of books - it’s a complete resource for kids, teachers and parents to collect! Start a lifelong interest in science - it can change the world!

What do melittologists do?

Melittologists study bees, focusing on their habits, and their interactions with the environment. Melittologists are interested in everything to do with bees!

Melittologists spend much of their time in the field, using special tools and techniques to identify and learn about different bee species. By studying bees, melittologists learn how bees interact with flowers, other insects, and their surroundings. This helps them notice bee populations that are declining, understand the reasons behind these changes, and find ways to support bees and their homes.

More than just a book

The Big Questions Answered is more than just a series of books; it is a complete resource. Accompanying each book is a host of free downloadable material to inspire and engage curious kids, and show them what adventurous opportunities are out there.

Young Melittologists’ Activity Pack

Teachers’ & Parents’ Resources Pack

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