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Can Trees Talk to Each Other?


It’s a big question – can trees talk to each other? Trees are incredible, as are the dendrologists who study them! They may seem silent, but do trees actually have their own secret way of communicating? Trees are amazing at protecting themselves, considering they can’t move! But they also need our help. Check out…

- Why trees connect their roots together
- How trees protect themselves from plant-eating animals
- Why mushrooms make great forest allies

...and so much more! Reading the incredible stories behind dendrology, kids will be eager to find out the answer to... can trees talk to each other? Beautifully bound with stunning illustrations, this book is guaranteed to become a bookshelf favourite.

What do dendrologists do?

Dendrologists study trees and other plants that have woody trunks, roots, branches, and leaves. Did you know that all trees are plants, but not all plants are trees?

More than just a book

The Big Questions Answered is more than just a series of books; it is a complete resource. Accompanying each book is a host of free downloadable material to inspire and engage curious kids, and show them what adventurous opportunities are out there.

Young Dendrologists’ Activity Pack

Teachers’ & Parents’ Resources Pack

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